Kansas City, MO – January 12, 2022 – BERKS Group announces the acquisition of 180 Skills. 180 Skills is focused on skills-based training to help manufacturers increase productivity and decrease turnover.

“This is an exciting addition to BERKS education technology platform,” said Doug Krebs, Operating Partner, BERKS Group. “It fits perfectly with our goal to be a leader in innovative on-line education tools for business and individuals who want to grow.”

180 has one of the world’s largest libraries of on-line skills courses for manufacturing. Courses range from technical training to specific compliance and regulatory content. The course work provides powerful tools for employers, schools, workforce boards and associations to build their people.

“We are passionate about providing learning opportunities that help both people and businesses be more productive,” said Joe Kitterman, Founder, 180 Skills. “Our partnership with BERKS allows us to expand our reach and get these important learning tools into the hands of more people across the country.”

The BERKS education technology platform already includes Valor Manufacturing Training. Valor is delivering interactive training content for companies in the food and precision manufacturing industries.

“Both Valor and 180’s training solutions are helping companies get their people trained faster, providing critical safety and compliance learning and ultimately increases productivity for their clients.” said Dr. Nate Walts, General Manager, BERKS Group.