Clear and Consistent Training for Food Manufacturing

Career Pathways drive effective skills development that enables your employees to increase their knowledge and help them understand and improve how they do their jobs. With configurable training content via Career Pathways, you can create a learning program specific to your organization’s unique needs.

For the employee

WorkForge Career Pathways integrate foundational courses that teach essential day-to-day skills with functional courses that teach specific competencies and technical knowledge required to perform specific jobs.

For the employer

WorkForge Career Pathways provide a standard route for your employee development staff and supervisors to follow and repeat, ensuring each employee receives the development the organization requires.

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New Employee Orientation: Health, Safety, & DEI

In today’s labor market, new hires in the manufacturing industry are coming from other industries with little to no experience in health, safety, and DEI training. This pathway streamlines your onboarding and continued education process to ensure your employees are prepared to operate safely on the production floor.

Food Safety

Not only do your customers expect your organization to be compliant with industry regulations, but failure to meet these audit expectations can lead to a loss of business. Our Food Safety pathway is dedicated to compliance and safety, keeping your employees and team current on changing regulations and prepared for periodic audits.

Industrial Maintenance

Maintenance requirements in the manufacturing industry are vast, and our Industrial Maintenance pathway ensures your technicians have the skills they need to properly take care of your equipment.

Durable Skills

Effective supervisors require effective training, which is why we developed the Durable Skills pathway. This level-based training pathway supplies your employees with proper office tools training to help them lead effectively.

CNC Machinist

Our CNC Machinist pathway is designed to solve problems with skill gaps, industry and regulatory awareness, and CNC programming.

Continuous Improvement

The Continuous Improvement pathway is designed to streamline regulatory knowledge and safety training within your food manufacturing business.

Level up your workforce development


Early pathways guide your employees through basic training that gives them a foundation to move on to more advanced content.

Level up

In the intermediate pathways, your employees will learn process-specific information alongside technical knowledge and industry insights.


Once your employees have reached the final levels of the pathway, they will possess industry expertise and will be subject matter experts in their roles.

Training Tailored for the Food Industry

  • Food Processing

  • Food Manufacturers

  • Beverage Manufacturers

  • Pet Food Manufacturers

  • Packaging

  • Logistics

  • Machining & Metalworking

  • Robotics

  • Precision Manufacturing / CNC

More Than Just a Training Program

At WorkForge, we’re dedicated to your employee retention and growth. With state-of-the-art, configurable training content and delivery platforms, you reduce the costs associated with education and turnover while providing the industry’s most comprehensive training to your team.

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