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Our technology enablement plays a pivotal role in driving learner utilization by offering robust implementation and support services. These services are designed to optimize learner access, engagement and knowledge. With innovative tech solutions and dedicated support, we empower clients to streamline their operations and enhance learning, fostering a dynamic environment for continuous improvement and success.

Challenges Technology & Enablement Can Solve

Succession Planning With My Current Team
When you don’t have an effective leadership training program, it can be difficult to decide who your next leaders should be. WorkForge eliminates the barrier between production line employee and supervisor by providing your team with the tools they need to be successful in the organization as a whole and effectively manage a team.
Continuous Compliance Integration
Let us help ensure you are always audit-ready. From historical user and record migration to ongoing alignment of certified skills with job roles, our clients benefit from tailored strategies, expert guidance on best practices, and ongoing support for improved organizational performance and growth.
Seamless Systems Integration
You’re busy, and system migrations can be time consuming. With WorkForge, we can provide seamless systems integration by aligning job roles, badging, and certifications with 3rd party HRIS systems, offering clients the added convenience of easy access through optional Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.
Motivate My Employees to Continue Learning
Employee can earn, view and share certificates and badges and achieve credentials that can be validated in an LMS or via external validation service. 


We have led over 250,000 learners to skills mastery. This means workers are absorbing the information to use on the job to complete the task. For management, not only does this let you know your development program has real value, but it also puts time back into your day by removing the time spent managing, monitoring, and stressing about the efficiency of your program.


Not every skills development solution works for every company, which is why our programs were built with adaptability in mind. From short, easy-to-consume modules to the ability to select the modules that are relevant to your needs, you’re sure to find the solution your team needs to be successful. We adapt as your needs evolve.

Ease of Use

With the ability to access your content and records from any Wi-Fi-enabled device, implementing and using your employee development program has never been easier. All records are updated every minute and stored in the cloud, and the user interface in our learning management system is completely customizable.


Engaged employees begin with engaging skills development. We’ve mastered the art: Creating development solutions employees enjoy through gamification, animation, and a focus on relevant content. Our Newr Leadership Development program keeps employees interested, ensuring they’re prepared for their new role in your organization.

The WorkForge Way

At WorkForge, we are always thinking of our clients – their business, pressures, and pain points, and what we can do to relieve them. Because we know that when American manufacturing wins, our communities win. A properly trained worker is a confident worker – one who feels empowered and equipped to perform at the peak of their ability.

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