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Comprehensive learning and development solutions, from hire to retire.

A robust library of training content tailored for food manufacturers

Custom content to visualize your specialized processes and food equipment

Configurable training paths that drive employee retention

Track progress and competency on one learning platform

A Full Continuum of Learning, From Hire to Retire

Hiring & Onboarding

  • Focus on people, not paperwork, with automated essential training (compliance, safety, DEI).

  • Enable consistent training in multiple languages.

  • Fast on-the-job skills validation and tracking.

Continuous Improvement & Upskilling

  • Provide dedicated paths for career and skills advancement.

  • Promote from within and improve retention.

  • Minimize downtime and integrated training.

  • Ensure competency with interactive tests and assessments in all courses.

Knowledge Transfer & Operational Efficiency

  • Capture and transfer proprietary processes and institutional knowledge when a team member leaves or retires.

  • Track employee skill acquisition to identify and fill gaps.

  • Stay audit ready through on-demand record tracking and reporting.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Ever-Evolving Workforce

Career Pathways

Clear and Consistent Training for Food Manufacturing

At WorkForge, we’re dedicated to your employee retention and growth. With state-of-the-art, configurable training content and delivery platforms, you reduce the costs associated with education and turnover while providing the industry’s most comprehensive training to your team.

Challenges Solved

  • Training consistency
  • Elevated retention strategies
  • Robust maintenance training

  • On-the-job skills verification

Custom Content

Training for Your Proprietary Processes and Machines

Custom multilingual training modules for your unique or proprietary processes and machines that drive engagement through the incorporation of video, gamification, and voice-overs.

Challenges Solved

  • New employee orientation
  • Cultivating a qualified workforce
  • Multilingual training
  • Institutional knowledge transfer

Learning Management System

Comprehensive, FDA-Compliant Learning Management System

Integrate with our learning management system, or we’ll integrate with yours. Our LMS is an FDA-compliant, cloud-based learning environment that can be configured to meet the needs of your workforce and evolve with your training needs.

Challenges Solved

  • Comprehensive training oversight
  • Digitized training records
  • Systems integration
  • Audit-ready assurance
  • Continuous compliance integration

Technology Enablement

Integrated Learning that Maximizes Your Investments

Align training paths to job roles, migrate historical training records, and seamlessly integrate with other technology vendors to maximize your investment and drive utilization.

Challenges Solved

  • Seamless systems integration
  • Continuous compliance integration
  • Audit-ready assurance
Online Learning Modules
Decreased Onboarding & Orientation Time
Increase in Employee Retention

Client Feedback

“This training is so much better than our old training. It was easy to get my training videos uploaded and out to the team. These reports are easier to run in WorkForge. I wish we moved to this LMS a long time ago! We are able to customize our training with ease and in no time at all.”

Lisa Miller | Director of Human Resources, PPC Flex



Solutions Used:
Career Pathways, Custom Content, LMS

“The WorkForge Organization’s LMS exceeds any other LMS platform in cultivating employee knowledge by offering an intense and diverse range of learning materials and resources. WorkForge was the best choice for us to achieve a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies the learning process but also empowers our workforce, making training more efficient, collaborative, and tailored to our organizational needs.”

Grant Prenzlow | Training & Development Manager, Wholestone Farms



Solutions Used:
Career Pathways

“WorkForge makes it easy to bring new hires up to speed in a variety of food production areas such as food safety, lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, and an extensive array of topics that are critical in the plant. Furthermore, the WorkForge Team is an excellent partner for FPSA as they are continuously inquiring about what else our members need and then exceeding those needs. This is the future of training!”

Andy Drennan | Executive Director, Food Processing Suppliers Association



Solutions Used:
Career Pathways

“The WorkForge modules are customized to my individual plant & department needs. The modules are consistent and easy to implement. Best of all, our employees have had nothing but positives to say about this training.”

Kevin Kelly | Chief Executive Officer, Lifeline Foods


Solutions Used:
Career Pathways, Custom Content, LMS


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