The WorkForge Way

Designed to empower employees with the skills essential for safe and effective job performance, WorkForge’s solutions go beyond compliance, fostering competency and engagement. The outcome? Heightened job satisfaction, increased productivity, and longer tenures that benefit both the workforce and the employer.

Career Pathways

Take the guesswork out of employee skills training and development with our Career Pathways. By integrating skills instruction, personal development, professional development, and leadership courses into each pathway, we ensure a developed and well-rounded employee who can advance from entry-level to leader in approximately two years.

Custom Content

Using your organization’s people, processes, and equipment, we create modules for your specific job, task, or machine. Using video, animation, gamification, and voice-over in multiple languages, this solution ensures the retention of institutional and tribal knowledge of your exact operation.

Learning Management System

WorkForge’s online learning platform houses all of your employee development information, launching and tracking your training modules and records all in one place. Operated entirely on the cloud and mobile-friendly, your employee development is almost entirely automated. Assign and track your employees’ training with the touch of a button.

Technology & Enablement

WorkForge’s technology enablement plays a pivotal role in driving learner utilization by offering robust implementation and support services. These services are designed to optimize learner access, engagement and knowledge. With innovative tech solutions and dedicated support, we empower clients to streamline their operations and enhance learning, fostering a dynamic environment for continuous improvement and success.