The WorkForge Way

With more than 850 course modules for specific job skills and titles, WorkForge has a training solution for every employer.


Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Take the guesswork out of employee skills training and development with our Career Pathways. By integrating skills instruction, personal development, professional development, and leadership courses into each pathway, we ensure a developed and well-rounded employee who can advance from entry-level to leader in approximately two years.


Visual Work Instruction

Visual Work instruction

Using your organization’s people, processes, and equipment, we create modules for your specific job, task, or machine. Using video, animation, gamification, and voice-over in multiple languages, this solution ensures the retention of institutional and tribal knowledge of your exact operation


Leadership Development

leadership Development

WorkForge offers a configurable solution to effectively develop your current employees into tomorrow’s company leaders. With a two-to three-pronged approach of online modules, in-person sessions, and optional follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions, our leadership development solution gives new supervisors the tools they need to effectively manage their teams.


Technology & Enablement

technology & enablement

WorkForge utilizes an online learning platform to house, launch, and track all training and development modules, as well as all employee training records for organizations that may not already have them. Mobile-friendly and completely customizable, our learning management system retains all your records on the cloud, making it easy to access your training from anywhere.

Our learning management system is fully SOC2 compliant with FEDRAMP compliance certification expected Spring 2023.

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