Comprehensive and Compliant Learning Management System

Our online learning platform houses all of your employee development information, launching and tracking your training modules and records all in one place. Operated entirely on the cloud and mobile-friendly, your employee development is almost entirely automated. Assign and track your employees’ training with the touch of a button.

Elevate Your LMS with Advanced Features, Reporting & Analytics

Learning Management System

Access Insights with Skills Matrix

Our intuitive Skills Matrix allows you to visualize your team’s skills in realtime, enabling you to identify training opportunities and allocate labor more efficiently. Quickly determine skills gaps and assign qualified team members to appropriate shifts. Digitally track required training, qualifications, and certifications for employee roles. Always be audit-ready with easy one-click reporting. 

Learning Management System

Prove Competency with OJT

Develop and certify competency against a set of defined standards with sophisticated On the Job training capabilities. Document OJT verifications performed on any device, even offline on a mobile device if internet access isn’t available, and take pictures or videos to provide evidence of skill attainment. 

Learning Management System

Data-Driven Insights on Demand

With access to more than 45 standard reports, administrators can gain a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the learning program. Additionally, team leaders can access over 15 targeted reports on their teams that offer specific and actionable information.

Choose a Platform that Can Evolve with Your Needs

You’re busy, and record tracking can be difficult. Track attendance and completion seamlessly across all training formats – live, on-site, off-site, or online.

Digitize training records and embrace a fully digital, web-based solution for streamlined record-keeping.

Ease your mind with automated learning assignments and reporting based on job role, job code, location, and even recurring refresher training

Auto-assign new employees to tailored training paths, ensuring they’re job-ready from day one.

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