Custom Content for Your Proprietary Processes and Machines

To ensure the retention of the institutional knowledge of your organization’s exact processes, we utilize your people, procedures, and equipment to create modules for your specific jobs, tasks, or machines. Through video, animation, gamification, and voice-over in multiple languages, Custom Content removes the threat of single points of failure from your organization.

Challenges Custom Content Can Solve

Keeping Employees Engaged With Their Training Programs
Not only is visual work instruction customized to your specific needs based on people, processes, and equipment, but it uses a variety of engrossing visuals. Animation, video, and gamification engage your employees for the duration of the training.
Providing a Training Program for a Proprietary Piece of Equipment/Specialized Role
Your business is unique, and so are your training requirements. Our team of developers and instructional designers can create a module for your specific needs so you can be confident in your employees’ knowledge and skill. With custom programs, WorkForge creates a training process exactly how you imagined it.
Losing Knowledge When Employees Leave the Organization
Because of our configurable training solution, you can provide a repeatable, easily learned approach for training employees on your organization’s processes and machines – even when you lose knowledgeable players.

Level up your workforce development


Engaged employees begin with engaging skills development. We’ve mastered the art of creating development solutions employees enjoy through gamification, animation, and a focus on relevant content. Visual work instruction keeps employees interested, inherently reducing time spent on the process and management of their skills development.


Not every skills development solution works for every company, which is why our programs were built with adaptability in mind. From short, easy-to-consume modules to the ability to select the modules that are relevant to your needs, you’re sure to find the solution your team needs to be successful. We adapt as your needs evolve.


We have led more than 250,000 learners to skills mastery. Mastering skills means workers are absorbing the information to use on the job and complete the task. For management, not only does skills mastery let you know your development program has real value, but it also puts time back into your day by removing the time spent managing, monitoring, and stressing about the efficiency of your program.


Instead of assuming we know what you need in your training program, we work closely with your team to learn more about the role or process you need a solution for and what it takes to be successful in that role. With site visits and research, and because our experience is so vast, we’re able to tailor a module specifically to meet your needs.

The WorkForge Way

At Workforge, we are always thinking of our clients. Their business, pressures, and pain points, and what we can do to relieve them. Because we know that when American manufacturing wins, our communities win. A properly trained worker is a confident worker, one who feels empowered and equipped to perform at the peak of their ability.

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