[July18, 2023] – Educational technology companies Core Learning Exchange (Core-LX) and WorkForge, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize the field of workforce and employee development through the latest in eLearning content.

This partnership aims to bridge the gap between learning and employment by providing learners access to WorkForge’s technical and employability skills modules within Core-LX’s current offerings. This collaborative effort will focus on developing innovative learning experiences to equip learners with the hands-on experience and skills employers require.

“We are proud to partner with WorkForge on the best workforce training solutions for K-12 programs,” says Jeff Katzman, CEO, Core-LX. “At no other time in history has it been more important to modernize workforce development solutions and the technology used to support the mastery of industry-relevant skills that employers demand.”

With approximately 12 million high school and college students currently enrolled in CTE programs across the nation, this partnership comes at a pivotal time as CTE continues to become a viable learning and career preparation path. Currently, the high school graduation rate for CTE concentrators is approximately 90 % – 15% higher than the national average.

“WorkForge is excited to join efforts with Core-LX to help achieve the collective goal of upskilling and reskilling the future workforce.” Nathan Walts, CEO, WorkForge states. “We believe this partnership will bolster the current Career Technical Education effort happening in K-12 and will be a catalyst in helping prepare the next generation workforce.”

The partnership represents a shared commitment to lifelong learning and the future of work.


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