KANSAS CITY, MO – October 2, 2023 – The University of Missouri-Kansas City TalentLink (UMKC TalentLink) has partnered with WorkForge, a leading online training provider in manufacturing, to offer skills training in selected career pathways. These pathways include robotics technician, aerospace assembly, aerospace quality technician, welding, CNC fabrication, CNC lathe operator, food safety production, industrial maintenance technician, and introduction to entry-level manufacturing.


“Our partnership with WorkForge enables us to serve numerous small- to mid-sized manufacturers in the Kansas City region. We provide specific online training that’s effective, flexible, and affordable to enhance the skill set of employees,” says UMKC TalentLink Executive Director Jake Akehurst.


Employees gain access to high-quality manufacturing training applicable to a new or existing position. Local manufacturers can develop and attract skilled employees and strengthen their workforce. Employers may also use WorkForge training as a cost-effective resource rather than build an in-house training program with limited human resources capacity.


“The partnership with UMKC TalentLink is a tremendous opportunity for the Kansas City manufacturing workforce community. Now we can provide training in required skills for multiple careers, within hours and days, necessary for job seekers to identify a sustainable wage job,” says WorkForge CEO Nate Walts.


WorkForge training provides a comprehensive approach to employee development, integrating skill instruction, personal and professional growth, and leadership courses into each pathway. This approach creates a well-rounded employee who can advance from entry-level to leadership positions in just two years. Courses offer a clear and defined route for learners to visualize their career advancement within the organization. Employers benefit from the standardized training approach, ensuring consistent operational results from their staff.


“WorkForge training supports retention of employees who understand that the company invests in their growth. That’s a competitive advantage in a tight labor market,” says Akehurst.


WorkForge and UMKC TalentLink recognize the need for more skilled workers to meet growing demand in aerospace, food processing, industrial machinery, high-tech robotics, and other industries. The training partnership provides an effective solution to meet market needs.


“Greater Kansas City appears to be one of the next growth areas. Together we provide learning content and the skills needed for Industry 4.0 and the jobs of tomorrow,” adds Walts.


UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge are excited to work as partners to serve area manufacturers. Individuals interested in registering for training can learn more by visiting umkctalentlink.com.