March 7, 2023 – Kansas City, Missouri – There is a new name in the workforce skills development and training industry: WorkForge. Kansas City, Missouri-based Valor Manufacturing Training with investment support from the BERKS Investment Group acquired Indianapolis-based 180 Skills in December of 2021. Throughout 2022, the companies worked toward joining both Valor and 180 Skills into a single entity, offering enhanced products, services, and support of the two. Today that becomes a reality.


While the WorkForge name is new, the company has over 15 years of experience helping their employer, workforce development and education partners upskill and reskill the workforce and students across the globe. In a note to current client/partners, Chief Executive Officer, Nathan Walts stated, “Our daily focus is to provide engaging and sustainable workforce development solutions for manufacturers and educational partners. Our new brand, image, and values are a combination of our unique organizational history and those characteristics that our manufacturing markets demand from us to obtain critical employee outcomes.”


Offering specially configured Career Pathways, Visual Work Instruction, a Hybrid Leadership Development program alongside technology and enablement services, WorkForge aims to be the nations leader of employability and skills development solutions.